NYD_Case_Study_Cover.pngDesigning a Show Stopping Marketing Campaign 

NewYorkDress - an eCommerce retailer of high-end evening, prom, and special occasion dresses - was looking for a way to bring their promotional emails to the next level. Seeing a 34% lift in revenue from their predictive, retention campaigns, NewYorkDress decided to supplement their promotional campaigns with corresponding social advertising. They saw: 
  • 2x the revenue goal in 2 days - across all channels
  • 60% new sessions from Facebook & Instagram 
  • 870 add to carts in 3 days

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    "At the beginning of the year I set an email goal of 5% of the total revenue per month and we were hitting that mark. Adding Facebook & Instagram pushed this campaign further, doubling our goal per send in two days." 

    - Jonah Levine, Product & Merchandising Manager, NewYorkDress

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