Grow Customer Value & Increase Customer Retention

Key Features and Metrics: 

Custom Segment Builder

  Create custom segments with unlimited conditions based on product, purchase, and customer data. Export these segments to build custom campaigns, such as holiday buyers from last year, high value customers who purchased from a single category, and big ticket buyers that are ripe for an upsell or download them to create a mailing list or call down list for your VIP customers.

70+ Charts & Graphs

  Access key retention metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, Latency, Coupon Usage, and more with over 70+ graphs and charts to help you understand the health of your business and get a deeper look at your key customer segments. 

Daily eCommerce Report

  Get a snapshot of your business daily with our daily eCommerce report. This report includes critical numbers from the previous day and the past 30 days, including, total orders, total revenue, top item by quantity and revenue, top category by quantity and revenue, top 5 sellers, and revenue and quantity for the top 5 coupons. 


*limited duration free trial 

The daily report is the kind of thing everyone dreams about - to be able to automate quality data and get broad picture reporting right out of the box is really helpful to us.

Mike Shepherd
Social Media Coordinator, Griffin Technology