Download the and case studies and learn how they are making over $1MM a year by using purchase history, product, and customer data to power retention and lifecycle marketing emails. 



Retention Perfectly Brewed 

IR500 made over $500k in 6 months from data-driven lifecycle marketing. Download the case study to learn more about how

- Implemented win-back, replenishment, and best customer campaigns
- Grew their repeat buyer segment
- Saw 66% higher open rates and 125% higher click rates. 




Heavy Duty Personalization nailed product recommendation emails. Download Heavy Duty Personalization to learn how is:

- Leveraging purchase history and product data to make over $1MM a year
- Automating product recommendation & hot combo emails
- Using triggered win-back, thank you, and best customer emails to increase retention
- Getting 207% higher open rates from data-driven campaigns

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